wedge- For version 1.1.2
wedgeX X86 compatibility
*X Compile for x86
*X Move to 10.4
*X Upload development plan to website
wedgeX Simple bugs
*X Application does not work in a folder with non-ascii characters
wedgeX Color changes during color picking
*X When you move one color slider, other sliders move too
*X Merge strokes option is not dimmed when it should be
*X Smoothness cannot be set by the slider in Tool Properties
*X Hatch and scatter slider does not work
*X If you zoom in far enough and then draw the application crashes
*X You can deselect the current pen tool by clicking in an empty area in the tool panel
wedgeX Zoom in/zoom out is not centered to the mid point of the screen
*X I cannot reproduce this now -- but I'm sure I reproduced it before... have I fixed it?
wedge- Speed improvements
wedgeX Faster load by saving bitmap in image file
*X Option for disabling this (via defaults mechanism)
*X Also option for generating image preview
*X Faster undo
* Split up lines that are too long (they take long to draw)
* Draw a single dot by just clicking
* Holding spacebar is quick switch for panning canvas
* Build
* Test (on x86 and PPC)
* Distribute
wedge Speed improvements
wedge No long pauses (planned for 1.1.3)
* Run performance/memory debuger (when no more pressing issues)
wedge Menu option for reimporting layer as bitmap (after layer support is done)
wedge Main feature development line
* Layer support (Rita 2.0)
* Network collaboration drawing (Rita 3.0)
wedge Small feature requests from users
* More keyboard commands
Pan with shift would be nice.
Context menus would be nice.
Fast keys for increasing/decreasing pen size, opacity, etc (instead of just selecting a fixed value) -- migh be assigned to pen buttons.
* Undo buttons in toolbar
wedge Medium feature requests from users
* Let cursor represent pen size (as in photoshop)
wedge Allow users to customize all cursors?
* User wants arrow instead of crosshair to "see what he is doing" with pen tool size 1.
* Change color of already drawn objects (opacity, etc -- as well)
wedge Big feature requests from users
wedge Course notes improvements
* When working with multi-page documents, zooming in and out, it is hard to stay on the same "scale". Maybe a zoom too 100 % option to zoom to a known zoom level.
* Also perhaps page guidelines that can be used to limit pages.
* Page guidelines for printing multipage documnts.
wedge Import/export vector formats (illustrator, PDF, SVG)
wedge Export will not be perfect (but some users do not mind)
* Enable in through a "hidden" option?
* Rita paths are not "nice" -- contains lot of objects, hard to edit in vector program
* Cropped to the current view?
* Text support -- editing text
wedge Some ideas of my own
* Bookmark support, to return to a particular view
* Multiple simulatenous view of the same file
wedge Softer brushes (like an airbrush)
* Good, fast rendering algorithm?
* Save tool preferences (color, size, etc) in file
* Easy to save custom brushes
* Links to included files -- instead of saving them in document?
* Partial stroke undo -- drag a slider to shorten the last stroke -- useful?
* Group strokes -- for more vector-like behavior?
wedge Real curved strokes - that looks as curves even when zoomed in to the maximum
* Needed?
* Will need new file format
* Export to custom Rita XML -- for third party interoperability
* Search for pens in Library/Application Support -- standard way of sharing custom pens / pen sets
* Fullscreen mode