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Rita is a paint program for MacOS X that attempts to be limitless, flexible and easy to use. Unlike traditional paint programs Rita does not restrict you to a particular image size or resolution. Instead, it uses an infinite canvas. You can make the image as big as you like and zoom in as much as you want without ever encountering any big blocky pixels.

Rita is most fun when using a Wacom drawing board or a similar device.


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Support files

Rita documentation

Paying for Rita

Rita is distributed as shareware. If you use it and like it, you should purchase it. The price is only $20 and your support will help fund future development of Rita.

Unlike a lot of other shareware, Rita is not time limited or crippled. You can try out all features at your own pace. Also, you only need to pay for Rita once. The license is valid for all computers in your household and for all future versions of Rita. I try to be a nice guy.

You can pay using one of the methods below.

Bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature requests are tracked in the development schedule.

Please send bug reports and feature requests to: rita@frykholm.se. I hope you enjoy using Rita.


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